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About Us

Erin Armstrong, Karen Durham, Tim Neuroth, and Kolby Weaver, participants in the 2018-2019 St. Lawrence Leadership Institute (SLLI) at SUNY Potsdam, collaborated to work on their final project. The chosen goal was to encourage voting at the local level, by having candidate's information available in one location.


Working in conjunction with SLLI instructors and alumni, St. Lawrence Board of Elections, SUNY Potsdam, and St. Lawrence University, the mission was to create an easy to use website where voters can find information about candidates running in their local district.  Available on the website, is brief and concise information about candidates running at the county level, and in each of the “Big 5” local districts. All candidate information is submitted by the candidates themselves.

DISCLAIMER: All information published on this website has been submitted by candidates.